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Last updated 10-30-2011
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I am redoing the website so many links are down right now.

We are a 48 acre family run farm in middle Tennessee.  We have been raising registered standard dairy goats and registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for milk and show since 1999.  We stated off in standard dairy goats and add in the Nigerians in 1999 for the youngest who was just 5 years old and too small to handle a large standard dairy goat.  We bought our Nigerians based on their milk production so Eileen could be milking her own goats too.  The whole family fell in love with the breed and what good milker they were and the high butterfat and the Nigerians found a permiate place on our farm beside our standard dairy goats.  We milk our goats by hand and selectively pick out goats we enjoy milking, have a good quality and quanity of milk, strong mammary attachments and structor that will result in longevity.

The breeds we own today are ADGA registered Toggenburg Dairy Goats, ADGA, AGS, ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, ADGA registered Experimentals, an ADGA registered Alpine (born in 1999 - my first registered goat!), San Clemente Island Goat and Mini Goats.  We are members of ADGA, AGS, NDGA & ANDDA

Deidre Burns
931-354-5431 farm phone
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