Chestnut Grove Farm
                                               Registered Dairy Goats Since 1999


The Caprines


Our Herd 

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Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Our Nigerians are ADGA, AGS & NDGA registered.
Senior does:
Denning Hill Penny Wise  $500
Old Mountain Farm Glenda Goode $500
Old Mountain Farm XPAlaDoeshis $500
Howling Hill Drop Tine (wattles) $500
Howling Hill Helene $500
Howling Hill Charon (wattles) $500

Senior Buck:
Lil Hill Farm BoJangles (Blue-eyes) - $300

Minature Goats

Chestnut Grove Endora's Sabrina - Mini-Oberhasli $150

Standard Dairy Goats
They are registered with ADGA.
Senior Toggenburgs
Chestnut Grove Heidi - 2007 Purebred Toggenburg SOLD

Junior Does:
Chestnut Grove W Endora's Golden One - SOLD
Chestnut Grove W Endora's  - SOLD

Senior Buck:
Chestnut Grove ReeboksWillTurner - 2008 75% Toggenburg 25% Alpi SOLD

To find San Clemente Island Goats I highly recommend getting in contact with Leslie - she is very nice person to talk to and here is her website