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Updated October 30, 2011

Health Certificates and any testing requested is done at the buyers expense.

Go to the kidding schedule to see all the kids that have been born and their prices.  We will be updating with pictures soon.  Also go to The Caprines page to see all the milking does (they are still in milk being hand milked!) we have for sale.

Mini San Clemete Buckling Luis
Born 12-10-10
Piloma X Bojangles
Flashy boy!

Maria and Antonio
Born 12-17-10
Alita X Will Turner
Maria - SOLD, Antonio $100

Maria on the left (Toggenburg) and Antonio (solid)

Lil Hil Farm BoJangles - BLUE-eyes
We are breeding all of our Nigerians and Mini goats to BoJangles and we will be keeping doe kids out of him next spring.  I saw the kids that he produced in his previous herd and they are very nice - he had sired a high number of doe kids (always a good thing!).  I figure since I am breeding him to everyone and will be keeping kids and planning on keeping a buck kid out of Penny or XPose that I would put BoJangles for sale - I really like BoJangles so I will not be sad if he does not sell. For sale for $350 Proven herd sire. Very friendly! 

SOLD - Chestnut Grove Will Turner. Will is a 2008 buck that we kept as his dam Reebok kept giving me buck kids!  Will was one of triplet bucks (like I said - Reebok likes having bucks!).  I have kept three 2010 daughters from him and I am currently breeding him to several does and I am also keeping a son to use on a couple does later this winter.  Due to this fact he is for sale.  His dam Reebok is a heavy milker that I can count on milking 1 1/2 to 2 gallons a milking, I milked Reebok through for two years with out a problem keeping a good production.  We have been very happy with Reebok which is why we decided to keep her son.  Will is 3/4 Toggenburg and a 1/4 Alpine and recorded with ADGA. If you are interested in buying Will e-mail me.  We will really miss Will but the reality is I do not need him since I have kept kids out of him and will have does bred to him again.  $175 Proven herd sire. Very friendly!  Easy to handle!  Looking for a buck to increase milk production?  Longer lactations? Will is the buck for you!

SOLD - Frank and Jesse James - SOLD

SOLD - 4 year old Alpine wether - SOLD
SOLD - one 2010 polled Mini-Toggenburg doeling - SOLD
SOLD - one 2009 horned Mini-Toggenburg buckling - SOLD For Sale
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